European Journal of Probation

Martine Herzog-Evans
Editorial: 'Judicial rehabilitation’ in six countries: Australia, England and Wales, France, Germany, The Netherlands and Spain

I am pleased and honoured to present to the readers of the European Journal of Probation (EJP) a series of original papers pertaining to the concept o...[pp:1-3], [Abstract], [PDF]
Martine Herzog-Evans
Judicial rehabilitation in France: Helping with the desisting process and acknowledging achieved desistance

Shadd Maruna, in his masterpiece, Making Good (Maruna, 2001, 2011) advocates the creation of an institutionalized redemption ritual which would reinfo...[pp:4-19], [Abstract], [PDF]
Christine Morgenstern
Judicial Rehabilitation in Germany – The Use of Criminal Records and the Removal of Recorded Convictions

This paper has two aims: First, it will explore the German legal system of central data collection on convicted offenders, the limited access to the d...[pp:20-35], [Abstract], [PDF]
Nicola Padfield
Judicial Rehabilitation? A view from England

Criminal records in England are maintained by the police, and there is no possibility of ‘judicial rehabilitation’, in the narrow sense of a judic...[pp:36-49], [Abstract], [PDF]
Elena Larrauri
Conviction records in Spain: obstacles to reintegration of offenders?

This paper argues that conviction records pose a serious obstacle for the reintegration of offenders, especially in the labor market. It argues that t...[pp:50-62], [Abstract], [PDF]
Miranda Boone
Judicial Rehabilitation in the Netherlands: Balancing between safety and privacy

This paper is part of a special edition on Judicial Rehabilitation, a topic that derived from Maruna’s work on rehabilitation and rehabilitation rit...[pp:63-78], [Abstract], [PDF]
Bronwyn Naylor
Criminal Records and Rehabilitation in Australia

Resettlement of former offenders and their ongoing desistance from further offending should be a priority for any community, but in many countries cri...[pp:79-96], [Abstract], [PDF]
Shadd Maruna
Judicial Rehabilitation and the ‘Clean Bill of Health’ in Criminal Justice

Drawing on an important survey of European and Australian policies toward ‘judicial rehabilitation,’ this article makes the following arguments. F...[pp:97-117], [Abstract], [PDF]
Keith Davies
Book review: McNeill, F., Raynor, P. and Trotter, C. (eds) (2010) Offender Supervision: new directions in theory, research and practice. Cullompton: Willan.

In this exciting, ambitious and significant new book the authors bring together a wide range of contributions from eminent researchers, practitioners ...[pp:118-120], [Abstract], [PDF]
Hindpal Singh Bhui
Book review: Nicola Padfield, Dirk van Zyl Smit and Frieder Dunkel (Eds) Release from Prison: European Policy and Practice Willan Publishing, 2010, 460pp ISBN: 978-1-84392-741-9

In November 2008, the Council of Ministers of the European Union adopted a Framework Decision on custodial sentences, which national governments are r...[pp:121-122], [Abstract], [PDF]

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