Book review: McNeill, F., Raynor, P. and Trotter, C. (eds) (2010) Offender Supervision: new directions in theory, research and practice. Cullompton: Willan.

  • Keith Davies (Principle Lecturer in Social Work, University of Kingston, London. Email: )

In this exciting, ambitious and significant new book the authors bring together a wide range of contributions from eminent researchers, practitioners and academics on the subject of contemporary developments in offender supervision. The springboard for this new collection of essays is the CREDOS network (Collaboration of Researchers for the Effective Supervision of Offenders) founded in 2007 to encourage and to co-ordinate new research into offender supervision with an international and multi-methodological character. As the Editors who are amongst the founding members of CREDOS write,
‘new impetus seemed to us to be necessary to allow the effectiveness agenda to develop beyond its historical emphasis on the principles of effective programmes.’

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