Judicial Rehabilitation in the Netherlands: Balancing between safety and privacy

  • Miranda Boone (Willem Pompe Institute for Criminal Law and Criminology, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, University of Groningen,

This paper is part of a special edition on Judicial Rehabilitation, a topic that derived from Maruna’s work on rehabilitation and rehabilitation rituals. It addresses the possibility of such rituals in the Netherlands. It describes which data concerning criminal convictions can be stored, how long they may be preserved and which persons and organisations can get access to the criminal records. It also pays attention to the jobs and position for which a conduct certificate is needed and the conditions under which it can be issued. Conclusion of this analysis is that the stricter regulations concerning criminal records, the increase of jobs a conduct certificate is needed for and the stricter conditions under which it is issued, hinder the serious efforts that are made in prison and probation to reduce recidivism.

Keywords: Criminal records, Conduct certificate, Rehabilitation

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