The Good Lives Model: Aligning Risk Reduction with Promoting Offenders' Personal Goals

  • Tony Ward (Professor of Clinical Psychology, Victoria University of Wellington)
  • Clare-Ann Fortune (Victoria University of Wellington)

In this paper we provide an overview of a relatively new, strength-based model of offender rehabilitation, the Good Lives Model (GLM), which focuses interventions on offenders’ personal interests and normative commitments. From the perspective of the GLM, correctional programs should aim to increase individuals’ awareness of their core values and assist them to translate this awareness into concrete intervention plans. It is argued that if this is done with one eye on offenders risk profiles it is possible to reduce risk by building the competencies needed to achieve personally more fulfilling lives. The paper finishes with a brief case study that is intended to convey the GLM’s twin focus on offenders’ well-being enhancement and risk reduction and management.

Keywords: Good Lives Model, Offender Rehabilitation

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