Current Issue

Ioan Durnescu

Welcome to this another open issue of the European Journal of Probation. Although it was planned as an open number, the readers will notice that one t... [pp:1-2], [Abstract], [PDF]
Niamh Maguire, Nicola Carr
Changing shape and shifting boundaries - the media portrayal of probation in Ireland

Literature on the media representation of probation highlights that probation as a ‘brand’ and concept is poorly understood and lacks public visib... [pp:3-23], [Abstract], [PDF]
David Hayes
Reading between the Lines. English Newspaper Representations of Community Punishment

This paper presents the findings of a sample of 2,000 articles published in English newspapers about community punishment between 2003 and 2011.The da... [pp:24-40], [Abstract], [PDF]
Caroline Skinner, Rachel Goldhill
Changes in Probation Training in England and Wales: The Probation Qualification Framework (PQF) Three Years On

This article draws on the personal experience of two lecturers delivering the academic programme of the Probation Qualification Framework to students ... [pp:41-55], [Abstract], [PDF]
Kristel Beyens, Marijke Roosen
Electronic monitoring in Belgium : a penological analysis of current and future orientations

Electronic monitoring was introduced nationwide in Belgium in 2000 and has expanded ever since. Currently important changes are taking place, radical... [pp:56-70], [Abstract], [PDF]
Elizabeth Weaver
Desistance, reflexivity andrelationality: a case study