The six month limit to community measures ‘under prison registry’: a study of professional perception

  • Martine Herzog-Evans (Ph D, Professor of Law, University of Reims)

This paper deals with the sentence feasibility with a special focus on electronic monitoring. The purposes of this research were first to test the „six month limit‟ idea amongst practitioners, before the Prison Law was implemented; second to determine whether they tailored their decisions accordingly; third, how they initially welcomed the reform and in particular whether they thought that a two years „mesure sous écrou‟ was feasible; lastly, whether they had actually implemented the new two year limit and whether this had had an effect on how they perceived the six month absolute maximum. The conclusions put forward some reasons for this limit from the professional‟s point of view.

Keywords: Electronic Monitoring, Reinsertion, Compliance, Practitioner‟s perspective

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