European Journal of Probation

Miranda Boone
Editorial - Rehabilitation perspectives for irregular migrants: Belgium, England & Wales, Greece and the Netherlands.

This special issue is born out of outrage. Outrage with the fact that irregular migrants are almost totally excluded from the regular rehabilitation o...[pp:1-3], [Abstract], [PDF]
Rob Canton, Nick Hammond
Foreigners to Justice? Irregular migrants and foreign national offenders in England and Wales

There is a long tradition of blaming foreigners for crime problems in England and Wales. The contemporary manifestation of this centres on suspicion...[pp:4-20], [Abstract], [PDF]
Steven De Ridder, Kristel Beyens, Sonja Snacken
Does reintegration need REHAB? Early release procedures for prisoners without a legal permit of residence in Belgium.

Since the eighties, Belgium faces an increasing number of foreign prisoners. Accordingly, the number of foreign prisoners without a legal permit of re...[pp:21-36], [Abstract], [PDF]
Angelika Pitsela, Athanasia Antonopoulou

Prisoners’ rehabilitation is not explicitly included in the basic principles of Greek Penitentiary Code; though, it is adopted in several articles...[pp:37-53], [Abstract], [PDF]
Miranda Boone, Mieke Kox
What works for irregular migrants in the Netherlands?

This contribution provides an overview of the extent to which rehabilitation instruments and opportunities are accessible for irregular migrants who...[pp:54-68], [Abstract], [PDF]
Ioan Durnescu
Book review: Ugelvik, T. and Dullum, J. (eds) (2012) Penal Exceptionalism? Nordic Prison Policy and Practice Routledge

Increasingly after the 90s scholars acknowledge a major shift in the crime control industry. This post-welfare or late modernity approach is charact...[pp:69-71], [Abstract], [PDF]
Eleanor Fellowes
Book Review: Redemption, Rehabilitation and Risk Management: A History of Probation George Mair and Lol Burke, Routledge (2011); 216pp, ISBN: 9781843922490

Those currently working for the probation service in England and Wales are likely to be well accustomed, even numb, to a feeling of foreboding about...[pp:72-73], [Abstract], [PDF]

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