European Journal of Probation

Lol Burke, Keith Davies
Introducing the special edition on occupational culture and skills in probation practice

Introduction The English probation officer is no mere official bound by regulation and routine (Clarke Hall, 1933) I...[pp:1-14], [Abstract], [PDF]
Aline Bauwens
Organisational change, increasing managerialism and social work values in the Belgian Houses of Justice, Department of Offender Guidance

This paper examines the impact of organisational change in the Belgian Houses of Justice, Department of Offender Guidance. The change that occurred in...[pp:15-30], [Abstract], [PDF]
René Butter, Jo Hermanns
Impact of experienced professionalism on professional culture in probation

The level of work engagement is an important aspect of organizational culture. In this empirical study the relation between engagement and experienced...[pp:31-42], [Abstract], [PDF]
Kathryn Farrow, Gill Kelly, Brian Stout
Thinking in Practice: Redefining the Relationship

This paper examines the challenge of reconnecting probation knowledge, theory and practice throughout Europe. It will describe the history and rationa...[pp:43-59], [Abstract], [PDF]
Marilyn J Gregory
Practical Wisdom and the Ethic of Care in Probation Practice

In 2003 the author interviewed 15 experience probation officers from one probation area about the nature of their work as probation officers. These pa...[pp:60-77], [Abstract], [PDF]
Rob C Mawby, Anne Worrall
‘They were very threatening about do-gooding bastards’: Probation’s changing relationships with the police and prison services in England and Wales

In recent decades the probation service has been encouraged to work closely with a range of public and voluntary sector agencies. This article examine...[pp:78-94], [Abstract], [PDF]
Anders Persson, Kerstin Svensson
Signs of resistance? Swedish probation officers’ attitudes towards risk assessments

The Swedish Prison and Probation Service has been influenced by the „What Works‟ agenda since the late 1990‟s and an orientation towards risk an...[pp:95-107], [Abstract], [PDF]
Jake Phillips
Target, audit and risk assessment cultures in the probation service

This article traces the rise of managerialism in the probation service in England and Wales before exploring the impact of these changes through refer...[pp:108-122], [Abstract], [PDF]
Nigel Elliott
Book review Taylor, W., Earle, R. & Hester, R. (eds) (2010) Youth Justice Handbook: Theory, Policy and Practice

This book arises from a colloquium held in 2007 and organized by the Open University (UK). The purpose was to inform the curriculum for a new Foundati...[pp:123-126], [Abstract], [PDF]
Jeremy Ross
Book Review Crawford, A. (ed) (2009) Prevention Policies In Comparative Perspective

This is a collection of nine essays on the development of strategies to tackle crime across the United Kingdom (England and Wales, Scotland) as well a...[pp:127-129], [Abstract], [PDF]

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