Recalling conditionally released prisoners in Slovenia

  • Katja Šugman Stubbs (Professor of criminal law at the University of Ljubljana. Email:
  • Matjaž Ambrož (Associate professor of criminal law at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of law, Poljanski nasip 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia. email:

While many EU countries are seeing an increase in the number of prisoners being recalled to prison from release on parole, Slovenia presents an exception: although the Slovenian system does legislate for revoking parole the measure is hardly ever used in practice. This article explores legal and practical aspects of parole revocation in Slovenia, the role of the judiciary, the attitudes to revocation of the parole shaped by Slovenia‟s legal culture, and possible reasons for the rarity of parole being revoked in Slovenian penal practice.

Keywords: Criminal sanctions, Prison, Slovenia, Parole, Conditional release, Recall

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