European Journal of Probation

The Editorial Board

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the forth edition of the European Journal of Probation. The editorial board continues to be delighted with the jour...[pp:1-2], [Abstract], [PDF]
Trish McCulloch
Realising Potential: Community service, pro-social modelling and desistance

Recent attention to the question of ‘what works?’ in supporting desistance, coupled with the emergence of a number of research studies which sugge...[pp:3-22], [Abstract], [PDF]
Coral Sirdifield, Mark Gardner, Charlie Brooker
The Importance of Mental Health Awareness Training in a European Probation Training Curriculum

In 2009 the CEP held a conference centring around the concept of a pan-European probation training curriculum. This article draws on the results of an...[pp:23-38], [Abstract], [PDF]
Aline Bauwens
The use of method triangulation in probation research

Qualitative research in probation is predominantly interview-based. This article explores the use of method triangulation in Belgian probation researc...[pp:39-52], [Abstract], [PDF]
Ralph C. Serin, Caleb D. Lloyd, Laura J. Hanby
ENHANCING OFFENDER RE-ENTRY An integrated model for enhancing offender re-entry

Notwithstanding diminishing crime rates in many countries, high rates of incarceration continue to engage political and public scrutiny in the managem...[pp:53-75], [Abstract], [PDF]
Lorenn Walker
Huikahi Restorative Circles: Group Process for Self-Directed Reentry Planning and Family Healing

The Huikahi Restorative Circle is a reentry planning group process that addresses individual incarcerated people’s needs for achieving criminal desi...[pp:76-95], [Abstract], [PDF]
Keith Davies
Book review: Bhui, H.S. (ed) (2009) Race and Criminal Justice. London:Sage.

As Hindpal Singh Bhui, the editor of this valuable collection of essays, points out in the introduction, criminal justice systems are highly symbolic ...[pp:96-98], [Abstract], [PDF]
Laura Nettleingham
Book review: Iganski, P. (2008) Hate Crime’ and the city Bristol: Policy Press

The primary aim of the book is to understand the dynamics of ‘hate crime’, through a victim centred approach. Iganski focuses on social circumstan...[pp:99-101], [Abstract], [PDF]

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