European Journal of Probation

The Editorial Board

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to this second edition of the European Journal of Probation. Our first edition set a high standard in ter...[pp:87-88], [Abstract], [PDF]
Maurice Vanstone
The engineer, the educationalist, and the feminist writer: national champions and the development of probation in Europe

Probation developed throughout the world as a result of a variety of different elements and social conditions coinciding within a relatively short per...[pp:89-96], [Abstract], [PDF]
Martine Herzog-Evans
French post custody law (2000-2009): from equitable trial to the religion of control

French post custody law (sentence execution law) has been through a host of reforms over the last decade. Originally this legal field was rather empir...[pp:97-111], [Abstract], [PDF]
Tony Ward
Dignity and human rights in correctional practice

Interventions with offenders have a normative layer as well as a scientific basis and therefore it is not possible to quarantine ethical questions fro...[pp:112-127], [Abstract], [PDF]
Christine Morgenstern
European initiatives for harmonisation and minimum standards in the field of community sanctions and measures

The article addresses the question how far European initiatives on Community Sanctions and Measures as well as the attitude towards them and their imp...[pp:128-141], [Abstract], [PDF]
Chris Trotter
Pro-social modelling

Pro-social modelling is increasingly becoming recognised as a key skill in the supervision of offenders. This paper defines pro-social modelling, disc...[pp:142-152], [Abstract], [PDF]
Anna Smorgunova
Transnational Organised Crime: Perspectives on global security

Transnational organized crime has many faces – drug and human trafficking, money laundering, terrorism financing, corruption of public officials, et...[pp:153-155], [Abstract], [PDF]
Samantha Booth
Dutch Prisons

For decades the Netherlands has been a shining example for the international penitentiary world’ (p. 1). This was due to its low prison population ...[pp:156-157], [Abstract], [PDF]

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