Notes for Authors

The Editorial Board welcomes the submission of articles and book reviews.

The manuscripts should be submitted only in electronic format to: [email protected]

Manuscripts are accepted on the assumption that the article has not been published elsewhere, and is not under consideration by another journal. Exemption to this rule is submissions which have had prior limited circulation, like conference papers (unpublished) or class presentations (courses or seminars). Accepted articles can be published elsewhere only with the permission of the Editor. The manuscript should NOT have any information which would identify the author or the institution she/he is coming from. The author’s names and the affiliation should be provided on a separate document. The document should NOT include page number, header of footer.

Articles should normally be 4-8, 000 words long, though papers of around 6,000 words are preferred. Articles should be typed on A4, double spacing, Times New Roman, font 12. The references should be alphabetically listed and should follow the Harvard method. The references should look like:

Books: Garland, D. (Ed.)(2001) Mass Imprisonment. Social Causes and Consequences. London: Sage.

Articles in journals: Blay, E. (2008) ‘Work for the benefit of the community as a criminal sanction in Spain’ , Probation Journal 55 (3): 245-258.

Quotations of more than two lines should be indented in a separate paragraph.

Each article will have a title and an abstract of not more than 100 words. In order to help indexing and searching, authors should provide at least 4 keywords.

Authors should organise the article into sections and also include sub-headings where appropriate. Footnotes will be used only to add to the main text and not for referencing.

Authors should use non-discriminatory language.

All articles may be subject to editorial review and amendments. Before being up-loaded to the journal website the authors will receive a proof of the article for correction. The Editor will not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions which authors didn’t rectify.

Manuscripts will be peer-reviewed by at least two academics from the Editorial Board of, if need be, by appointed specialist assessors. The process of assessment takes about four weeks. At the end of this process the Editor will contact the authors with one of the following decisions:

  • to accept submission as it stands,
  • to accept pending some changes,
  • to suggest the submission is re-worked and re-submitted,
  • to decline publication.

The aim is to publish accepted articles within 12 months, but we cannot guarantee date of publication. The University of Bucharest will hold the copyright of all published articles. Authors may reproduce their own work as long as EJP is referenced as the original source.