The National Police Certificate is a significant barrier to employment for ex-offenders

  • Antoinette M Saliba (Dr Antoinette M Saliba, RMIT University, School of Global, Urban & Social Science, Australia. Email:

Little investigation has been undertaken in relation to the impact of an ex-offender’s reception into the community, especially in relation to employment, on their propensity to re-offend. This paper brings into focus the role of society, especially employers in potentially hindering the reintegration of ex-offenders. This role is considered in relation to the use of criminal records as risk assessment tools. A governmental framework is employed to examine the use of criminal records by employers in Victoria Australia, in line with current risk management approaches. Research findings support the contention that the increased use of National Police Certificates for employment purposes in Victoria places ex-offenders at a significant disadvantage.

Keywords: National Police Certificate, Employment, Reintegration, Recidivism, Criminal Record, Ex-offender, Governmentality, Risk Management

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