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Welcome to this apparently eclectic issue of the European Journal of Probation. I call it ‘apparently eclectic’ because it seems that way when rea...[pp:1-2], [Abstract], [PDF]
Gill McIvor, Carlotta Pirnat, Christian Grafl
Unpaid work as an alternative to imprisonment for fine default in Austria and Scotland

Many jurisdictions have introduced other non-custodial measures to decrease the usage of fines, nevertheless they are still a popular sanction. Althou...[pp:3-28], [Abstract], [PDF]
Tony Ward, Clare-Ann Fortune
The Good Lives Model: Aligning Risk Reduction with Promoting Offenders' Personal Goals

In this paper we provide an overview of a relatively new, strength-based model of offender rehabilitation, the Good Lives Model (GLM), which focuses i...[pp:29-46], [Abstract], [PDF]
Monica Barry
Desistance by Design: Offenders' Reflections on Criminal Justice Theory, Policy and Practice

This article highlights the views and advice of offenders in Scotland about what helps and hinders young people generally in the process of desistan...[pp:47-65], [Abstract], [PDF]
Lisa Tompson, Spencer Chainey
Integrating Environmental Considerations into Prisoner Risk Assessments

Reducing re-offending amongst ex-prisoners is of paramount importance for both penal and societal reasons. This paper advances an argument that the c...[pp:66-80], [Abstract], [PDF]

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