European Journal of Probation

Ioan Durnescu

As our readers have noticed already from our short history, some issues of this journal are open while others are dedicated to different subjects that...[pp:1-2], [Abstract], [PDF]
Eric Maes, Benjamin Mine, Caroline De Man, Rosamunde Van Brakel
Thinking about electronic monitoring in the context of pre-trial detention in Belgium: a solution to prison overcrowding?

Prison overcrowding is a major problem in the Belgian criminal justice system, with almost 40% of the current population consisting of prisoners in re...[pp:3-22], [Abstract], [PDF]
Martine Herzog-Evans
The six month limit to community measures ‘under prison registry’: a study of professional perception

This paper deals with the sentence feasibility with a special focus on electronic monitoring. The purposes of this research were first to test the „...[pp:23-45], [Abstract], [PDF]
Monica Barry, Dag Leonardsen
Inequality and punitivism in late modern societies: scandinavian exceptionalism revisited

In The Culture of Control, Garland (2001) suggests that whilst not inevitable, it is likely that late modern societies will experience increased punit...[pp:46-61], [Abstract], [PDF]
Maria Roth, Gabriel Tica
Are Former Male Inmates Excluded from Social Life?

Based on Becker’s conceptualization of deviance, the phenomena of labeling and stigmatization of people who commit antisocial acts will result in th...[pp:62-76], [Abstract], [PDF]
James M. Byrne
New Directions in Community Supervision: Should We Target High Risk Offenders, High Risk Times, and High Risk Locations?

This paper addresses a simple question: what have researchers in the United States and other countries learned about probation performance generally a...[pp:77-101], [Abstract], [PDF]
Eric Beckford
Book review: Robinson, Anne (2011), Foundations for Offender Management: theory law and policy for contemporary practice. Bristol: Policy Press

Foundations for Offender Management: theory law and policy for contemporary practice, is an essential and thought-provoking read that could benefit st...[pp:102-104], [Abstract], [PDF]
Laura Nettleingham
Book review: Pycroft, A. and Gough, D. (eds) (2010), Multi-agency working in criminal justice: control and care in contemporary correctional practice. Bristol. Policy Press.

The book charts the developments of multi-agency working in the Criminal Justice system. It presents some of the key issues and challenges of multi ag...[pp:105-107], [Abstract], [PDF]

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