European Journal of Probation

Comparing penal practices: the example of community service in Belgium, the Netherlands, Scotland and Spain

Gill McIvor, Kristel Beyens, Ester Blay, Miranda Boone

The idea for this first special issue of the European Journal on Probation on community service took shape almost a year ago at the second meeting of ...[pp:1-3], [Abstract], [PDF]
Kristel Beyens
From ‘community service’ to ‘autonomous work penalty’ in Belgium. What’s in a name?

In Belgium, community service (dienstverlening) for adults was introduced in 1994 as a condition of probation at the sentencing level and as a conditi...[pp:4-21], [Abstract], [PDF]
Miranda Boone
ONLY FOR MINOR OFFENCES: Community Service in the Netherlands

Community service for adults was introduced in the Netherlands in the first half of the 1980s as an alternative to custodial sentences. In 1989 it was...[pp:22-40], [Abstract], [PDF]
Gill McIvor
Paying back: 30 years of unpaid work by offenders in Scotland

This article considers the development and use of unpaid work as a penal sanction in Scotland, including its gradual introduction at differing points ...[pp:41-61], [Abstract], [PDF]
Ester Blay
'It could be us': recent transformations in the use of community service as a punishment in spain

Community service orders, or work for the benefit of the community orders, were introduced in Spanish legislation with the 1995 Criminal Code. Its pra...[pp:62-81], [Abstract], [PDF]
Gill McIvor, Kristel Beyens, Ester Blay, Miranda Boone
Community service in Belgium, the Netherlands, Scotland and Spain: a comparative perspective

Current criminological research is particularly interested in the question whether or not we are witnessing a punitive turn and it seems that Western ...[pp:82-98], [Abstract], [PDF]
Fergus McNeill
Book Review: ‘Payback: Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth’, by Margaret Attwood (2008)

Firstly, I need to acknowledge the debt I owe to Candace McCoy (Professor at the City University of New York) who gave me this book. It might be that ...[pp:99-101], [Abstract], [PDF]
Karen Mills
Book Review: Boekhout van Solinge, T. (2004) Dealing with Drugs in Europe. An investigationof European Drug Control Experiences: France, the Netherlands and Sweden.

‘Dealing with Drugs in Europe’ is published under the aegis of Pompe Reeks, a publishing arm within the University of Utrecht. The vision of Pompe...[pp:102-103], [Abstract], [PDF]

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