European Journal of Probation

Nicola Padfield

This special issue of the European Journal of Probation seeks to cast some light on a subject which until recently appears to have been somewhat hidde...[pp:1-5], [Abstract], [PDF]
Karin Bruckmüller
Recalling conditionally released prisoners in Austria

The proverbial “Sword of Damocles” hangs over those who are conditionally released - recall. In Austria, those conditionally released can be –...[pp:6-18], [Abstract], [PDF]
Aline Bauwens, Luc Robert, Sonja Snacken
Conditional release in Belgium: how reforms have impacted recall

Following the Dutroux case in 1996, the Belgian parole system was thoroughly reformed in 1998 and 2006. Decision-making was transferred from the Min...[pp:19-33], [Abstract], [PDF]
Nicola Padfield
Recalling conditionally released prisoners in England and Wales

This article explores the recent enormous increase in the number of prisoners recalled each year to prison in England and Wales: prisoners who had p...[pp:34-45], [Abstract], [PDF]
Martine Herzog-Evans
Non-compliance in France: a human approach and a hair splitting legal system

This article reviews the French system of recall: paradoxically, for a system tightly bound by complex rules, a great deal of discretion is left to ...[pp:46-62], [Abstract], [PDF]
Ineke Pruin
Recalling conditionally released prisoners in Germany

In Germany there are diverse conditions for conditional release from prison or so-called measures for rehabilitation and security such as preventive...[pp:63-72], [Abstract], [PDF]
Alessandra Gualazzi, Chiara Mancuso, Annalisa Mangiaracina
“Back door sentencing” in Italy: common reasons and main consequences for the recall of prisoners

Italian law only provides the general conditions for the institution of recall. It follows that significant discretionary powers are enjoyed by the ...[pp:73-84], [Abstract], [PDF]
Beth Weaver, Cyrus Tata, Mary Munro, Monica Barry
The Failure of Recall to Prison: Early Release, Front-Door and Back-Door Sentencing and the Revolving Prison Door in Scotland

This article seeks to explain the reasons for the sharp rise in prison recall rates in Scotland. It argues that recall practices need to be understood...[pp:85-98], [Abstract], [PDF]
Katja Šugman Stubbs, Matjaž Ambrož
Recalling conditionally released prisoners in Slovenia

While many EU countries are seeing an increase in the number of prisoners being recalled to prison from release on parole, Slovenia presents an except...[pp:99-111], [Abstract], [PDF]
José Cid, Beatriz Tébar
Revoking early conditional release measures in Spain

In this article we examine how early conditional release measures for offenders are revoked in Spain. For this purpose we analyse the legal framework ...[pp:112-124], [Abstract], [PDF]
Edit Torzs
Book review: Joanna Shapland, Gwen Robinson and Angela Sorsby (2011) Restorative Justice in Practice – Evaluating what works for victims and offenders, Willan, Routledge

In the growing literature on restorative justice this book is somewhat unique in presenting the results of wide research on the implementation, runnin...[pp:125-127], [Abstract], [PDF]
Anna Fake
Book Review Canton, R. (2011). Probation: Working With Offenders. Routledge 263pp

“What an agency aspires to do and announces in its policies always bears an uncertain relationship to what it really does”. Canton makes this obvi...[pp:128-129], [Abstract], [PDF]
Ray Crews
Book Review Philip Priestley and Maurice Vanstone (2010). Offenders or Citizens? Readings in Rehabilitation. Devon: Willan

Who are we? How are we defined? Who does the defining? Criminologists have long argued that notions of ‘self’ are malleable constructs shaped by o...[pp:130-132], [Abstract], [PDF]

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