French post custody law (2000-2009): from equitable trial to the religion of control

  • Martine Herzog-Evans (Ph D, Professor of Law, University of Reims)

French post custody law (sentence execution law) has been through a host of reforms over the last decade. Originally this legal field was rather empirical, with only a moderate participation of the Judiciary. In 2000 and 2004 two Bills were passed which significantly improved the procedure and granted the Juge and the Tribunal de l’application des peines (known as Jap and Tap) the status of a regular Court of law. 9/11 then had a radical effect on criminal policies. It started affecting post custody in 2005. From then on ‘tough on crime’ Bills were to be passed. They created ‘safety measures’, marginalized the Jap and the Tap, and defined several categories of ‘monsters’ or recidivists who were to be neutralised.

Keywords: Media, Sentence execution, Reforms, French law, Comparative law, Post custody, Reoffending, Sexual offenders, Social work, Probation officers, Juge de l\’application des peines

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