• The Editorial Board

It is with great pleasure that, on behalf of the editorial board, I welcome you to the first edition of the European Journal of Probation. This peer reviewed, internet based publication exists to stimulate academic debate and to foster dialogue about probation in Europe. For the sake of clarity, our use of the term ‘probation’ is not intended to refer to any specific sanction or organisation; rather, we use it as a short-hand term to refer to community sanctions and measures used at any stage of the criminal justice process; pre-trial, post-trial and post-custody. With rates of imprisonment in Europe rising rapidly, the case for focusing academic attention on alternatives to incarceration is not difficult to make, whether we look to technical debates about effectiveness and public safety, or whether we look to more normative issues around moral principles and human rights. And so the launch of European Journal of Probation could hardly be more timely.

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