• Lol Burke

At a recent meeting of the European Society of Criminology working group on community sanctions and measures, two questions were central to the ensuing discussion. The first concerned a consideration of ‘who works in probation’ and the second focussed upon the terminology used to describe contemporary practices in different jurisdictions. Such questions highlight and invite us to reflect upon our accepted wisdoms and ‘taken for granted’ notions of our common understandings of terms such as ‘probation’, ‘rehabilitation’, ‘reintegration’, and ‘resettlement’. They also remind us, not only of the contested nature of these concepts, at both the theoretical and the practical level, but also how they translate across different countries. Initiatives such as those undertaken by the Council of Europe in framing probation rules and the work of the CEP in promoting best practice across Europe are assisting in developing common frameworks and understandings. It is within this spirit that the European Journal of Probation seeks to foster the exchange of ideas; drawing upon the different perspectives offered across jurisdictions and is reflected in the range of articles presented within this edition.

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