Change and the Probation Service in England and Wales: A Gendered Lens

  • Jill Annison (Jill Annison is Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in Criminal Justice Studies, Plymouth University. Email:

The National Probation Service in England and Wales has been buffeted by change in recent years. This has happened at a time when rhetoric has become increasingly punitive, with probation emphasising its role in providing punishment in the community. It therefore seems surprising that there has been a decisive shift in terms of the gendered composition of its staff - there are now many more women than men working in probation. This review outlines quantitative changes and then explores qualitative research data from women probation officers. These different perspectives provide an in-depth account of this interesting and still-changing organisational setting.

Keywords: Probation, Gender, Organisational change, Occupational culture, Feminisation, Work-life balance

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