Book review Taylor, W., Earle, R. & Hester, R. (eds) (2010) Youth Justice Handbook: Theory, Policy and Practice

  • Nigel Elliott (Independent Social Worker C/O Kingston University, School of Social Work, Kenry House, Kingston Hill Campus, London, KT2 9LB)

This book arises from a colloquium held in 2007 and organized by the Open University (UK). The purpose was to inform the curriculum for a new Foundation Degree in Youth Justice. In the process, the colloquium organizers have furnished themselves with a challenging book that, no doubt, will comprise a key text for their new degree. It is titled a Handbook but it is not a „how-to‟ manual. Taylor describes it as a „friendly companion‟ (p.xxi) and this is what the reader must expect. The coverage is extensive, with 23 substantive but relatively short chapters, and, very occasionally, the argument can be rather compressed for easy reading. However, I found this offset by the advantages of breadth and the exercise of tight editorial control.

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