Book Review Philip Priestley and Maurice Vanstone (2010). Offenders or Citizens? Readings in Rehabilitation. Devon: Willan

  • Ray Crews (Acting HRD Manager (Senior Probation Officer) Offender Management and Interventions, London Probation Trust. UK.

Who are we? How are we defined? Who does the defining? Criminologists have long argued that notions of ‘self’ are malleable constructs shaped by our placements and involvement within the community. People who offend or, more precisely, those who get caught, have often been defined by the level of moral outrage imputed on them by society. Can someone labelled an ‘offender’ convince society that he/she has changed, is rehabilitated and has the
right to be a citizen? ‘Offenders or Citizens?’ examines the polar points between which societal attitudes oscillate, stressing that rehabilitation is an idea with integrated theory and practice and thus distances itself from the notion of the rehabilitative ideal. The authors argue convincingly, from a number of unique vantage points, that our Criminal Justice System must find humane ways of enabling individual and structural deliverance.

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