Book review: Kury, H. & Shea, E. (eds) (2011) Punitivity International Developments, Vol. 1: Punitiveness – a global phenomenon? (Crime and Crime Policy Vol. 8-1), Universitätsverlag Dr. N. Brockmeyer

  • Anna Fake (Probation Officer / Practice Development Officer, London Probation Trust )

How can punitiveness be measured? What accounts for the different penal trends in Germany, Australia, Finland and the Netherlands? How are juveniles treated within the Criminal Justice System in Italy? These are some of the questions that are posed in this stimulating collection of articles focusing on the concept of punitiveness. The first of three volumes, ‘Punitiveness – a global phenomenon’, concentrates on different aspects of punitiveness in Western industrialised countries. This volume, is separated into three distinct sections focusing on: ‘Theoretical background and methodological questions’; ‘Different Trends in Punitiveness’ and; ‘Juvenile Delinquents: A Category Apart’.

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