Book review: Joanna Shapland, Gwen Robinson and Angela Sorsby (2011) Restorative Justice in Practice – Evaluating what works for victims and offenders, Willan, Routledge

  • Edit Torzs (Probation consultant at the Justice Service of Ministry of Public Administration and Justice, Probation Service, Hungary

In the growing literature on restorative justice this book is somewhat unique in presenting the results of wide research on the implementation, running and results of three restorative justice
schemes in the UK. The research was undertaken between 2001 and 2008 and saw the three schemes through from the beginning until the end of pilots including an evaluation of reoffending over period of more than two years. The research is not only unique because it
follows and evaluates restorative justice in practice during such a long time, but also it is rare to examine restorative justice programs for adult offenders, and especially its use in serious cases. Using partly the method of action research, some of the findings and results were
regularly fed back to practitioners, so cooperation between scheme managers, practitioners and researchers was lively and gave the possibility to influence ongoing work.

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