European Journal of Probation

The Editorial Board

It is with great pleasure that, on behalf of the editorial board, I welcome you to the first edition of the European Journal of Probation. This peer r...[pp:1-2], [Abstract], [PDF]
Peter Raynor, Gwen Robinson
Why help offenders? arguments for rehabilitation as a penal strategy

This article considers the variety of theoretical justifications, or moral arguments, which have been put forward to support approaches that can be br...[pp:3-20], [Abstract], [PDF]
Fergus McNeill
What Works and What’s Just?

This paper is based on a presentation entitled ‘What Works in Probation’, delivered to an Invitational Conference for Directors of Probation Servi...[pp:21-40], [Abstract], [PDF]
Mike Nellis
Surveillance and Confinement:Explaining and Understanding The Experience ofElectronically Monitored Curfews

Electronic monitoring (EM) is now widely used in Western Europe, but its precise nature as a distinct form of penal sanction remains unclear. Since it...[pp:41-65], [Abstract], [PDF]
Rob Canton
Taking Probation Abroad

At a time of extensive international exchange in probation policies and practices, this paper considers the opportunities and challenges of penal poli...[pp:66-78], [Abstract], [PDF]
David Perry
Van Kalmthout, A M., & Durnescu, I. (Eds) (2008) Probation in EuropeNijmegen, The Netherlands. Wolf Legal Publishers/CEP.

Imagine a journey by land and sea of over 3000 kilometres, a bonded warehouse in the heart of Anatolia, a fork lift truck and seven people searching s...[pp:79-82], [Abstract], [PDF]
John Harding
Cavadino,M and Dignan, J (2008) Penal Systems: a comparative approach, London

At first appearance, the scope of this volume is ambitious, and dotted with potential pitfalls for the unwary, as the authors present and analyse info...[pp:83-86], [Abstract], [PDF]

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